I'm Grace

Hi There

wedding 2.jpg

I am so glad you are here. I believe that dreams can come true if you know where to find the magic. I love being able to assist in making visions come alive as a photographer.

I adore flowers, people, and all things fantasy which is how I've discovered a way to incorporate all of these things in my work. 

I love making deep connections and capturing beautiful moments doing what I love

I began using a camera when I was only 13 years old with embarrassing photoshoots around the neighborhood with friends- all evidence has since been erased for my benefit and yours. Something about capturing candid moments of people experiencing true emotion has always enticed me; being able to bring that into the work I give people is a huge accomplishment for me. 

I consistently work in customer service because of my love for people. I love to incorporate my ability to aid in peoples needs and wants in every aspect of my life, whether that be my job or at home where I care for my amazing son and 2 step daughters, 2 dogs, and my extremely supportive husband who doubles as my best assistant for styled photoshoots- he's one hell of a reflector holder ;). 


isn't all I do

When I'm not holding a camera enjoying the love flowing through my camera, you'll find me in baggy shirts and beanies bare foot outside enjoying my plant babies or cooking homemade meals from my roots in the Philippines. I adore culture- my own and others. I love fresh air and the sounds of wind moving through trees and adoring art created by others. If I could live in an art museum or botanical garden, I'd stop paying for my home in Georgia.  

I think we'd be a great match!